Monday, November 24, 2014

Cursed Zombie Bitch

Code Man here!

Feel the rhythm in your (well you know)...

How's it going everyone!

Due to Express Lover's headaches and stress, I took over the blog and forum responsibilities!

Can you dig it?

I wanna hear back from anyone who has questions about anything.
Those who have a horny, smoking hot sister get priority.

Things seem to be going nicely for our new project, Pixel Destiny.

However our artists are having an argument over the purpose of a 'cursed zombie bitch'.

Imagine having that conversation on skype....


Should the woman be designed solely to turn someone on, or have an ugly face that fits a cursed zombie bitch with snakes coming out of her tit?

A) should she be pretty?


B) should she be repulsive and freaky?

Feel free to email us your thoughts.

Note: the artwork is just a quick sketch.