Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another cornerstone has been built...

I just finished phase 1 of the base animations for the knight's attacks.

But now I am wondering what I should do next.

I still have much to do.

Should I do phase 1 for the special moves and perspective attacks?
Or, should I do phase 2 of the base animations for the knight's attacks?

If I am objectively weigh the pros and cons......

do next phase for (completed) base animations:
time off from drawing / relax right brain from drawing
start phase 2 of animation
make next demo

phase 1 would not get done until later

do current phase for Perspective & special attack animations:
finish base animations for phase 1
phase 1 would be done for knight

continue drawing / no rest for right brain

work required to finish phase 1 for knight:
12 perspective attacks

16 special attacks

I think I'll do phase 2 for the base animations.

Too much drawing hurts my brain.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another Update on the Knight

Berserker, Paladin,
Mystic, Crusader

The Berserker will be able to use a weapon in each hand and can move very fast..
The Paladin will have holy weapons and holy powers
The Mystic will have magical weapons and some spells.
The Crusader will use two handed weapons and heavy armor.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Another update for the Knight!

As you can see I am making each set of leg and arm armor unique for each specialization for the knight.
From top to bottom: Crusader, Mystic, Paladin & Berserker.

Also I am adding sparkle to the 'Mystic' armor.
I am currently not sure how much to add.

Flat  - Medium - Heavy
Lastly, I am also making facial expressions and voice animations for each Character. These (shown below) are my first set for the Knight.