Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another cornerstone has been built...

I just finished phase 1 of the base animations for the knight's attacks.

But now I am wondering what I should do next.

I still have much to do.

Should I do phase 1 for the special moves and perspective attacks?
Or, should I do phase 2 of the base animations for the knight's attacks?

If I am objectively weigh the pros and cons......

do next phase for (completed) base animations:
time off from drawing / relax right brain from drawing
start phase 2 of animation
make next demo

phase 1 would not get done until later

do current phase for Perspective & special attack animations:
finish base animations for phase 1
phase 1 would be done for knight

continue drawing / no rest for right brain

work required to finish phase 1 for knight:
12 perspective attacks

16 special attacks

I think I'll do phase 2 for the base animations.

Too much drawing hurts my brain.