Monday, November 16, 2015

Final update for the Mage's design

Finally, I finished the Mage's Outfits.

Top Left:  Sorceress
Middle Left: Elemental Domina
Bottom Left: Conjurer

Top Right: Mahou Shoujo (before transformation)
Middle Right: Mahou Shoujo (after transformation)
Bottom Left: Spellbinder

I made new outfits for the Spellbinder. I felt that the jeans and tee look was not sexy enough for the Spellbinder. Given that the Spellbinder gains her magic from her attackers while being raped, she needs a sexier outfit. I didn't put every version up, but as Spellbinder gains more powerful magics and combines them, her outfit becomes sexier. You'll have to advance in the game to see how much sexier she becomes.

Originally, I was using the black dress for the Conjurer, but the when I think 'Sorceress' I imagine a black Mage dress. So, I decided that the Sorceress should use the black dress.

After making that change for the Sorceress, I made an outfit for the Conjurer that fit the sex appeal that Rydia had as an adult in FFIV. That style of a caller/summor speaks to me. And so, I designed the Conjurer's outfit to look babydoll lingerie.

Finally, I decided to use the blue (was red) sailor outfit for the pre-transformed Mahou Shoujo spec.

The weapons and spell sets are still some what undecided...

Sorceress: Crystal Staff; 
Elemental Domina: Elemental Spells
Spellbinder: Steels spells from enemies and combines them
Mahou Shoujo: Wand; (undecided)
(Super powered) Mahou Shoujo: Hieroglyphs; Magical sex-based melee attacks
Conjurer: Dark Ore Staff; Ability to summon beasts, undead, and demons