Saturday, November 7, 2015

FINALLY! Hairstyles for the Mage

Center: Sorceress
Top Left: Elemental Domina
Bottom Left: Spellbinder
Top Right: Mahou Shoujo
Bottom Right: Conjurer

Yay, I finished the Mage's Haristyles!!!

I made a tweak to the outfit for the Spellbinder. The jacket was off-center.
Elemental Domina's dress was also off-center. I fixed it.

The weapons and spell sets remain the same...

Sorceress: Wand; Telekinetic Spells
Elemental Domina: Crystal Staff; Elemental Spells
Spellbinder: Orbs; Steels spells from enemies and combines them
Mahou Shoujo: Hieroglyphs; Magic and Sex-based melee attacks
Conjurer: Dark Ore Staff; Ability to summon beasts, undead, and demons