Thursday, November 5, 2015

More Updates for the Mage and Amazon...

YES...another update!

In case you haven't heard, in 'Secretions of Destiny', each fighter class has five specializations. Throughout the game the player can gain a total of three specializations for each class. You might find this to be similar to high ranking video games, but not Hentai or retro games.

~ MAGE ~

Center: Sorceress
Top Left: Spellbinder
Bottom Left: Elemental Domina
Top Right: Mahou Shoujo
Bottom Right: Conjurer

I finished the final touches to the Mage's outfits.
A tweak to the outfit for the Mahou Shoujo Spec. made it slimmer and sexier.
A white tee under the blue jacket for the Spellbinder.

Also, I have set in place the weapons and spell sets that each spec. will bring to the player's disposal.

Sorceress: Wand; Telekinetic Spells
Spellbinder: Orbs; Steels spells from enemies and combines them
Elemental Domina: Crystal Staff; Elemental Spells
Mahou Shoujo: Hieroglyphs; Magic and Sex-based melee attacks
Conjurer: Dark Ore Staff; Ability to summon beasts, undead, and demons

** Each spec. has a wide range of attack, defense, and area of effect spells.

** The Demon Bear (at lower right) is one of the monsters that the Conjurer might be able to summon. It's undecided at the moment.

** Yes, the Mahou Shoujo will have an anime-style transformation.

** Tonight, I will start on her hair styles.
Thankfully, I already have dozens to choose from. I drew them weeks ago :)


Center: Tribal Scout
Top Left: Warrior Princess
Bottom Left: Slayer
Top Right: Valkyrie
Bottom Right: Witch Doctor

I switched the outfits (from what they previously were) and made something much better for the Slayer.

The Tribal Scout has a dress made from vines and leaves, thus, it has small openings here and there.
The Warrior Princess' dress is very frilly and fem.
The Slayer has an armor plated-bodysuit that allows her to move very fast
The Valkyrie's outfit looks like something a tennis player would wear. I was going for a style that was noble and pure.
The Witch Doctor has a simple gold tunic and bra.

** The Amazon has several weapons, but I didn't feel like pasting them for this post. If you want to see the weapons, I displayed some of them in an earlier post.

** The player will be able to decide which hairstyle suits the mood.

** As with the Knight and Mage, each outfit for the Amazon has its own set of function, abilities, and limitations for offense and defense.

After this update...

1. Decide upon which hair style and color the Mage will have

2. Make one more suit of armor for the knight

3. Animate the Mage, Amazon, and the remaining armor suit for the Knight

4. Finish the 15 levels

5. Music and SFX.