Friday, December 25, 2015

Plain clothes, a magic bikini and more nudity!

I decided to use the street clothes and made a magic bikini for the Mahou Shoujo.

I also updated the (un-transofrmed) school girl outfit for the Mahou Shoujo.
Her socks are shorter and her sleeves are now arm bands.

Green, strapless, no black, and little nudity?

Due to the budding romance with my fem-boy (Krissi), I am a little behind in my work.

But here is an update for the Elemental Domina.

If you have been following my game project for a while then you would remember that the Elemental Domina's dress used to be red.
Now, her dress is strapless. Plus it shows her bust. She looks older and sexier than before. Also I gave her the black mage's staff to use aside from her elemental spells.

Furthuremore, I have decided to remove the black mage dress...

...and use it for a different class later in the game.

Now I have to make another outfit for the remaining spec of the Mage Mahou Shoujo class.

Yes, Mahou Shoujo! I have reformatted the entire concept of the Mage class as a Mahou Shoujo class. This change in concept is why I did away with the black mage outfit. It just doesn't say 'Mahou Shoujo' to me. I wanna break away from the traditional American/European style of Dungeons & Dragons and add a little Manga style to my game.