Q) How to contact us?

A) Our email is listed at the top of our blog.

Q) The price of our games?

A) Probably $10 at DLSite.com. DLSite wants roughly half of the revenue (based on a sliding-scale) as a cost for posting our games. So, we might charge 10 at DLSite but we will be selling all of our game for $5 from our own portal.

Why the name 'Hershey Highway'?

A) Our games focus on fetishes that most hentai games don't...

Anal sex, futanari/shemale/newhalf, yaoi/shota, otoko no ko, trap/femboys, futa-on-male, Full-packaged Futanari, Pegging, Cum-inflation, Anal Pregnancy, Anal Birthing, Penis Impregnation, Penis Birthing, Sex Magic, Male to Shemale Transformation, and Human to Sex-plant Transformation.

Q) What separates us from other h-games?

A) In our games the player will be rewarded whenever the player completes a level or finishes a quest. The rewards will include sprite sex, ammo depots, and weapon upgrades. But, unlike most h-games on the market: damage, death, and failure will not result in a reward.

Q) Why are our sprites so retro?

A) Sure, we could use 2D Fighter Maker or 3D Custom Girl but these programs offer no authenticity with their limited designs.

We are tired of seeing h-games and indie games with 'next gen' sprites and retro 2D backgrounds.

Additional, when we play games with awesome looking sprites made with 2D Fighter Maker or 3D Custom Girl combined with pathetic backgrounds and terrible level designs the game looks cheap.