Game: Secretions of Destiny

ETA: 2016
Demo: Scheduled for Spring 2016

Summary of Gameplay:

The player has to 
Human, Bestial/furry, Elf, Monster Girl, Druid, and Demon.

Throughout the game, the player uses a Knight, Amazon, and Mage to defeat a demonic force that threatens to turn the world into a living nightmare.

The game has an internal clock and different NPCs, events and circumstances during the day and night which require the player to perform during the day and night to accomplish different parts of the story.

In the game's internal calender, full moons, midnight, and specific calender dates like Halloween and Walpurgis bring out events and circumstance during the day and night which the player are required to accomplish throughout different parts of the game.

Combination of level-based, item-based, and upgrade-based adventure with the 25 degree angle platform style.


Fantasy, Thriller

Primary Design Elements

Adventure, Side Scrolling, Platform, Retro

Hentai Elements

  • Otoko no ko, Traps, Femboys
  • Full-packaged Futanari, Futanari Demons and Monster-girls, Newhalf
  • Futanari on Male, Femdom, Pegging
  • Cum-inflation, Anal Pregnancy, Anal Birthing
  • Penis Impregnation, Penis Birthing
  • Male to Shemale Transformation
  • Human to Sex-plant Transformation
  • Sex Magic, Tentacles, Vore

Player Sprites

Knight Class

Berserker, Paladin

Mystic, Crusader

Vanguard (in development)

Amazon Class

Center: Tribal Scout

Top Left: Warrior Princess

Bottom Left: Slayer

Top Right: Valkyrie
Bottom Right: Witch Doctor

The Tribal Scout has a dress made from vines and leaves, thus, it has small openings here and there.
The Warrior Princess' dress is very frilly and fem.
The Slayer has an armor plated-bodysuit that allows her to move very fast
The Valkyrie's outfit looks like something a tennis player would wear. I was going for a style that was noble and pure.
The Witch Doctor has a simple gold tunic and bra.

Mahou Shoujo Class

Top (from left to right):
Sorceress, Elemental Domina, street clothes, school uniform

Bottom (from left to right):
Pommel, Conjurer, Spellbinder, magic bikini

The weapons and spell sets are still some what undecided...

Sorceress: Telekinetic Spells
Elemental Domina: Elemental Spells
Spellbinder: Steals spells from enemies and combines them
Pommel: Magical attacks, sex-based attacks, & melee attacks
Conjurer: Ability to summon beasts, undead, and demons

** Each spec. will have a wide range of attack, defense, and area of effect spells.

Why different versions of each character?

Each of the three playable characters have one basic all purpose 'set of skills and attacks' which the player learns to use at the beginning of the character's introduction in the game.

However, each character also has four specializations.
Each spec. has an accompanying hairstyle, armor or outfit, weapons or spells, and limitations on strength, mana, and other common attributes.
Also, each weapon and armor/outfit has its own set of function, abilities, and limitations for offense and defense.

Enemy Sprites

~ Still In Development~

Dark Knights